NBTC Fundraising 2020

GOAL: $20,000



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NBTC Fundraising 2020


Each year, the Niagara Bruce Trail Club (NBTC) raises funds in support of the Bruce Trail Conservancy through special hikes and events. Due to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these fundraising events have had to be cancelled. 


We can all agree that our precious Niagara Escarpment corridor needs our support more than ever and the NBTC would still love to be able to raise funds for the care and preservation of these natural lands


We acknowledge that COVID-19 has impacted us all in very different ways and some will need extra support due to financial, emotional or social stress. We also know that others are in a position to share their gifts, so we are inviting our NBTC members to come together in a special fundraising campaign. 


We are a strong community of 900 members – we are hoping you can make a special donation so that together we can raise $20,000.


There’s lot of ways we could reach our goal.  Imagine if:

  • just 1 member donates $1,000
  • 5 members at $500
  • 20 members at $250
  • 50 members at $100
  • 130 members at $50

We can reach our goal!

Please know, these are simply suggested giving amounts – any and all donations are sincerely appreciated.   

If everyone gives what they can, collectively we will have a great impact for the future of the Bruce Trail.

How to make your donation:

Donate by e-transfer through your regular financial institution to 

*please mention NBTC Donation in your correspondence and provide your name, address and membership number if you wish to receive a charitable Bruce Trail tax receipt.  Please do not require a password for the transfer if your financial institution requests one.  Our financial institution will only accept auto deposit.

If you wish to donate by other ways than the e-transfer, please send an email to and Marinus will work out the details with you.

If you are unable to support financially at this time, perhaps you would consider encouraging one new member to join our club.

Thank you for considering this special way of “Preserving a ribbon of wilderness for everyone, forever”

Niagara Bruce Trail Club Board