Since 1963 volunteers have been the driving force behind the Bruce Trail. Volunteers assume many different roles.  Some are responsible for contacting land owners, for marking the route, or for ongoing trail maintenance.  Others plan hikes in their communities, promote the trail at events, or simply help out  as needed in occasional activities. Today, more than 1,500 volunteers support the work of the Bruce Trail Conservancy, serving as caretakers of the Bruce Trail.

This is your chance to help secure the Bruce Trail, share your experiences and develop lasting friendships. Volunteering with the Niagara Bruce Trail Club (NBTC) allows you to choose from a variety of opportunities with various levels of commitment. From the boardroom to the Trail, volunteers typically commit between 4 to 16 hours a month to their positions.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact our Membership/Volunteer Co-ordinator: Merle Richards at merle.richards@sympatico.ca or click here to apply online.

A Brief Description of Some of the Volunteer Roles

Board Members - meet once a month (except July & August).  Act in the best interests of the club with a focus on promoting the values of the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

Trail Captains - Trail captains are assigned to a small section (approximately 2-5km) of the trail to clear for hikers to pass. You would be expected to trim branches and shrubs, re-paint blazes and report any large downed trees or any other trail concerns.  The Trail Captain must complete an Online Status Report for their section every spring and fall.

Hike Leaders - Show your joy of hiking by leading members and non-members around the Niagara Peninsula.  As a new hike leader you will be trained through Hike Ontario.  You may select the route, pace and terrain of your hikes.  We encourage leaders to take on at least a couple hikes per quarter.

Land Stewards -Each year the BTC spends from $1 to $2 million on land purchases, preserving hundreds of acres of Escarpment landscape and Bruce Trail corridor forever.  As a Land Steward you would be expected to walk (twice a year) and assess some of the most vulnerable landscapes to ensure that they are looked after.

Trail Angel - We often receive requests to help out small groups of hikers who need a car shuttle. It involves meeting the hikers at the end point of their hike at a specific time, then driving them to the start of the hike. Trail Angels get to meet new hikers, be wonderful ambassadors for the Niagara Bruce Trail Club and feel good about helping someone.  In lieu of compensation, we suggest hikers make a donation to the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

Social - As a social volunteer, you can show off your cooking/baking skills.  You would be called on to help as a check-point volunteer for our event hikes, supplying food for hungry hikers.  You may also help out club social functions by providing food or helping in the kitchen.