Youth Hiking


Youth Hikes

As adults, we quickly learn that hiking in the woods can be beneficial for both physical and mental health. Imagine what it does for children. Too often they focus on a multitude of screens – TV, computer and cell phones. The connection with nature can provide the same health benefits, improve moods and school performance. Done with parents, it is a great way to connect and increase that parental bond. Many people remember their first hike on the Bruce Trail with their parents and want to become members to get back to that wonderful feeling. Our members love to collect badges. We know that children have the same interest. That little incentive is one way to start a life-long interest in nature.

March Break 2020 – 1.5 hr led hikes

Sunday, March 15, 2pm – Woodend Conservation Area, 1 Taylor Rd, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Friday, March 20, 9am, roadside parking on Quarry Road (south of King St), Beamsville, Ontario

Must be accompanied by a parent.

Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring water.

The Young Trail Blazer Badge requires the completion of one hike (at least 3km in length) conducted on the Niagara Bruce Trail. Hikes can be completed with the club on an official scheduled hike or with family on their own.

To earn the Young Nature Blazers Badge you much complete a 90 minute hike on the Niagara Bruce Trail.  Submit a write-up describing how you used one or more of your five senses on the hike – what did you see, touch, taste, smell or hear during your hike.


Badges can be earned on your own with your family or on an NBTC led hike.  Check the calendar for  upcoming hikes.

Once you have earned the badge, go to our Badges page for details about ordering.