Be trailwise : heed the signs

November 5, 2017 No comments exist

“There’s no excuses anymore for tumbling, slipping and sliding down the embankment to Decew Falls.

New signs posted by the city warn visitors to the St. Catharines attraction by Morningstar Mill to stay on the trail for their own safety.

“The signs are meant to be preventative in nature, just to make people aware there are some hazards to hiking in and around DeCew Falls,” said acting fire Chief Jeff McCormick.

“It’s the city being proactive in wanting to encourage the use of the trails, but to encourage the safe use of the trails so we don’t have to respond to emergency calls there.”

The fire department has seen its share of rescues at DeCew Falls in recent years as visitors leave the path at the top of the gorge and try to scale down a steep hill to the watering hole at the bottom. Some lose their footing and fall while others find themselves in trouble at the bottom and can’t climb back up. Still others get disoriented and don’t know where to go.


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