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November 23, 2017 Margaret No comments exist

A calendar has been added to our website. You may ask, “Why is this any different than the hike schedule?” Most of the content is the same – the remaining Fall schedule and the entire Winter schedule are posted on the calendar. Now you will be able to search the schedule by pace and terrain. You will be able to see a map with GPS co-ordinates for the meeting place and some of the hikes have a photo of what you may see if you went on the hike (eventually all hikes will have photos). You can view the calendar by day, week, month and new to many people is the poster board view. A poster board view will show a photo from the hike. You simply click on the photo you like and details will appear.

SORTING BY PACE OR TERRAIN. If you would like to know when all the EASY TERRAIN hikes are scheduled, click on the tab at the top labelled “Tags”, select “Easy Terrain” and all the easy terrain hikes will show on the calendar. Then click on the hike you would like to go on to see its details. To go back to the full calendar, click on the “x” beside the “Tags” label and the full schedule will return. You can then sort by any other tag.

SORTING BY CATEGORY. Event hikes, Social events, Board meetings. It is all there. Treat the button the same as you would the tags. Select the category, see the event and then go back to the full calendar by clicking the “x” beside category.

GPS CO-ORDINATES. To find out where a hike will be leaving from you can click on the hike. A brief description will be revealed. Click again on the hike (or simply double click right away) to have a map and all the details of the hike shown. If you have Google/ Outlook/Apple Calendar you can add this hike right to your personal calendar so you won’t miss your favorite hike.

DIFFERENT VIEWS. If you prefer to see the schedule in another format, say by day or week, you can do that by clicking on the rectangular icon on the right side of the calendar in the line just below the Categories & Tags. Play with this VIEW button to see the calendar in different ways. This is where you will see the poster board view.

Play around with this page. It won’t explode if you click the wrong date. You can always click on the “back” arrow at the top of the page to go back.

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