Sidetrail NO MORE

May 23, 2018 Margaret No comments exist
Photo by V. Zvonar

Why do I have to keep my dog on a leash? 

There are several good reasons for this rule.

Recently a frustrated landowner revoked his permission for our use of his land because people were not abiding by this rule.

About 60% of the Bruce Trail is owned by the conservancy.  The remaining 40% is owned by landowners who generously give us access to their property so we may enjoy a walk in the woods.  When the rules are broken, the have every right to take back their land.

Your dog may be quite friendly but a dog off leash can be frightening to other hikers, children and livestock.  We ask that you obey the rules.  Keep your dog on a leash. Enjoy the trail and allow others to enjoy it as well.


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