Hiking – a lifetime endeavour

January 14, 2019 Margaret No comments exist

What is hiking?

…but putting one foot in front of the other 

Hiking at its origin takes us to ancestral roots, where first peoples first cleared a path through grassland and woods, across streams and over hills. Imagine the awesome and bold beauty of a land where few had set foot before!  Hiking these paths today gives a breath of that original beauty, broached by the call of crickets and birds, and the harried wind exhaling in the flutter of leaves.

Bruce Trail


Why me…?

…for peace of mind, health of body, and soul’s survival…
After a half hour of hiking the endorphins (those happy feeling hormones) are rushing through the body providing peace of mind and health of body.  The best way to get started is one step at a time.  Activity with others helps to build this healthy weekly habit.  Niagara Bruce Trail Club is just the group to get you there.  With six to eight hikes per week, there is a hike to suit everyone’s needs.  Choose the shorter easier hikes to get your hiking muscles tuned.  Hikes are conducted on the Bruce Trail as well as on several recreational trails around the Niagara Peninsula.  Hiking will open your eyes to the Niagara Peninsula’s natural beauty.  Walk for peace


Check out the Niagara Bruce Trail Club Calendar  https://niagarabrucetrail.club/calendar/

You are welcome to come out on a couple of hikes of your choice to help you decide if it is the group for you.




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