How do I get started hiking?

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How do I start?

…one step at a time…

Hiking the entire Bruce Trail can be daunting, and for some, unrealistic.  Developing a hiking habit can be beneficial for your physical and mental health.  It can become a lifetime endeavour that can be carried out for years to come.  Everyday people, who have never hiked before, find their footing and take the steps, one day at a time.  You may find the hike a personal journey, where your attachment to hiking grows in ways that surprise you.  You may re-awaken self-determination, and an appreciation for this country and for all things natural.  The only way to get started is by doing.


…now I’m feeling it…

The more you train, the more enjoyable the trail becomes.   Build up your walking legs. If you have never hiked before, you will find a difference between walking and hiking.  Unlike the neighbourhood walkways, the terrain of the woods is uneven and steeper than you are accustomed to.  You will find leg muscles you never knew you had.  For the neo-phyte, start by setting a target of walking three times per week for half an hour, build that up to an hour.  Soon you will be ready for the hour and one half or two-hour hikes in the woods.  Those who have been active can start right in with the shorter hikes.

Join a hiking club

…to gain a foothold…

Hiking with a club or a group of friends is recommended.  The Niagara Bruce Trail Club (NBTC) has six to eight hikes per week, where trained hike leaders lead you through small sections of the Bruce Trail as well as through other recreational trails in the Niagara Peninsula. Start with 1.5 hour hikes to gauge your endurance.  If you are unsure of your balance, start with hikes that are identified as “easy” and thereafter, you can try the “moderate” hikes.

Check out the Niagara Bruce Trail Calendar.  You are welcome to try a hike or two before becoming a member.  For a membership fee of $50 annually, you get the quarterlyBruce Trail Conservancy (BTC) magazine, the Grapevine newsletter, and the Niagara hike schedule for your unlimited access to the regular hikes.  Event hikes are an extra charge. You get a tax receipt for $50, an invitation to special BTC and NBTC events, membership access to BTC website and voting privileges.

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