UHS Comes to Niagara…So Many Hikes!

May 16, 2019 Margaret No comments exist

No UHS does not mean Universal Health Care or Ultra-High Speed. For the Bruce Trail Conservancy, it means Unified Hike Schedule.  For Niagara members it means a huge hike selection. Beginning June 1, 2019, you will be able to go to one site to view hikes from all nine Bruce Trail clubs. Amazing!  Maybe a little overwhelming too!  So, we made sure that you can still view the Niagara hikes on one page and if you are inclined to hike further afield, you can view hikes from any of the other eight clubs with just one click of your mouse.


The screen looks like any other calendar.  The red arrow (above) shows you individual hikes.  As in the past, click within the selected hike box and complete details of the hike will appear.  The blue arrow (above) shows the link to the UHS page.

A sample calendar for all nine clubs is shown above.  You can view hikes here or if you prefer to see just one club at a time, you can click on the club of your choice as indicated by the red arrow (above).


On the Niagara website you will see two calendar buttons:

Calendar:is for hikes before June 1, 2019

NBTC Calendar: will take you to hikes after May 31, 2019 and onto the UHS site

Volunteers make the Bruce Trail clubs function.  Some volunteers go above and beyond the scope of a casual volunteer.  They forget what the clock says and they pursue a challenge to make things work.  Two such volunteers worked on this project to make the unified calendar a reality.  Many thanks to Tom Thayer, Dufferin Hi-Lands Club who had the vision, technical ability and drive to make this happen for all the clubs.  Thanks to Floyd Bell, Niagara Club who ran with it in Niagara. In a limited time-frame, he learned the system, made amendments and loaded hikes in time for the summer schedule.

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