Hike Registrations Become Easier

June 14, 2021 Margaret No comments exist

Upgrades have been made to the BTC online hike registration program.

The features that may enhance your registration process are:

  • Wait Lists – No one wants to end up on a wait list but if you do, know that if there is a cancellation, the first person on the wait list will be added to the hike and notification will be sent to them. The other reason to sign on for a wait list is that it gives the Hike Coordinator an idea of which hikes are popular. If there are many people on the wait list, we will endeavor to find another hike leader to setup another hike at the same location.
  • Multiple Hikes – you can now sign up for multiple hikes at the same time. You won’t have to go back out of the system and log back in.   Browse that calendar and start making selections
  • Cancellations –Life happens and you can’t always fulfill your hiking interest. Cancelling is easy.  Log into the BTC website and visit “My Hikes” section.  Find the hike you would like to cancel and click “cancel”.  You will receive a confirmation email. 
  • Add a Hiker – If you are signing up for you and your spouse or a guest you can now do that at the same time. Just click on” Add an Additional Hiker”.

Welcome back to our organized led hikes.  Remember to observe physical distancing.  If you encounter hikers coming in the opposite direction, simply step to the edge of the trail, turn away and let them pass.

Stay safe.  Enjoy the Trail.


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