Boosting Biodiversity in Niagara

June 16, 2022 Margaret No comments exist

NBTC has had a busy year setting up a biodiversity committee, working on a Blue Bird Nesting Program, implementing invasive species pull parties, identifying native and invasive species and doing audits.

The Biodiversity Committee meets quarterly.  Their focus has been:

Invasive Species - which to tackle and the best way to eradicate them.   In 2022, we focused on pulling garlic mustard in the month May.  June was greater celandine's turn.  This fall will be invasive honeysuckle & buckthorn.  Participation is easy - just register online with our hike calendar

greater celandine
This pretty yellow flower (greater celandine) can choke out native species.

Monitor and Maintain Bluebird Nesting Boxes - this program is conducted in Short Hills Provincial Park with the Friends of Short Hills.  Nesting boxes are monitored to ensure they are successful as possible.  You can participate with this program by registering online with our hike calendar.

Bluebird nest in Short Hills Provincial Park.

Develop Education/Outreach plans to engage members in biodiversity activities as well as inform the general public about club biodiversity efforts and opportunities.

Audit elm trees - disease resistant elm trees that were planted in Woodend in 2021 have been audited and will continue to be monitored by the Biodiversity Committee.  These young trees are sensitive to disturbance such as disease, insect infestation, herbivory and human and environmental disturbances.  By spotting and addressing problems early, we can prevent further damage or loss of trees.

by Alicia Aitchison

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