Hiking Routes

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Firemen's Park Loop, 1.5 hrs, 7.6KM with sidetrail

Firemen's Park Loop

Malcolmson Park Loop, 1.5 hrs, 6.65KM

Waterfront Trail

Malcolmson Park Loop, 1.5 hrs, 6.95KM

Walker's Creek Trail

Merritt Trail Loop, 1.5 hrs, 8.94KM
meeting at Sobey's

Merritt from Sobey's

Merritt Island, 3 hrs, 12.1KM

Railroad Crossing

Merritt Island, railroad crossing

Niagara Glen (Gorge), 2 hrs, 5-7KM

Niagara Glen at whirlpool stairs

Niagara-on-the-Lake Loop, 1.5 hrs, 6.3KM

meeting at Butler's Barracks

NOTL, Butlers Barracks