Hiking Routes

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1.5 - 2 hour routes

Brock-Glenridge Quarry Loop, 1.5hrs, 7.5KM

Brock-Glenridge Quarry Loop

DeCew - Morningstar Loop, 5.6km, 1.5hrs


Firemen's Park Loop, 1.5 hrs, 7.6KM with sidetrail

Firemen's Park Loop

George Nicholson Memorial Loop, 8.5km, 2 hrs

George Nicholson Loop

Glenridge Quarry Loop, 5.8km, 1.5 hrs

Glenridge Quarry

Jordan Hollow

Jordan Loop 7.049km, 1.5 hrs

Jordan Loop, Balls Falls - 6.5km, 1.5 hrs

Kinsmen Park

Kinsmen Park - Mountainview & back - 7.39km

Kinsmen In and Out, Niagara bound - 7.18km

Lock 1, 8.2km, 2 hrs

Lock 1





Malcolmson Park Loop, 1.5 hrs, 6.65KM

Waterfront Trail

Malcolmson Eco Park/Walkers Creek, 1.5 hrs, 7.2km


Merritt Trail Loop, 1.5 hrs, 8.94KM
meeting at Sobey's

Merritt Island

Merritt Trail - Tracks and Back, 8.1km, 1.5 hrs

Merritt Island Loop - Main St Crossing 9.9km, 2 hrs

Merritt Trail

Merritt from Sobey's

Niagara Glen (Gorge), 2 hrs, 5-7KM

Niagara Gorge Loop at whirlpool stairs - 5.65km

Niagara Parks Niagara Glen Trail Map



Niagara-on-the-Lake Loop, 1.5 hrs, 

NOTL, Butlers Barracks- 6.3KM

NOTL Loop, Veterans Lane- 6.4KM

NOTL - Chautauqua - 6.6KM

NOTL - Heritage- 6.5KM

NOTL - Heritage - 7.9km

NOTL - Irish Town & Two Mile Creek - 6.8km


Queenston Heights Loop, 7.7km, 1.5hrs

Queenston Heights Loop



Rotary Park, St Catharines, 5.06km, 1.5 hrs

Rotary Loop, Laura Secord 

Rotary Park/12 Mile Creek, 7.2km, 1.5 hrs

Rotary/12 Mile

Twelve Mile Creek/Participark, 7.5KM, 1.5 hrs

Rim of Africa, Short Hills

Short Hills Provincial Park, Rim of Africa, 5.0, 1.2 hrs

Twelve Mile Creek/Participark

Woodend Loop, 5.49km, 1.5 hrs

Woodend Loop, Wetland Sidetrail

Woodend, Wetland Ridge, 4.65km, 1.5 hrs


3 hours and longer routes

Brock Laura Secord Loop

Brock Laura Secord - 10.9km

Firemen's Park- Crazy Eights Loop - 11km

Firemen's Park - Crazy Eights Loop - 11km

Crazy Eight - Firemen-Queenston

Crazy Eight - Firemen's-Queenston - 14km


Dump to Dump

Firemens to Glenridge - 15.7km

Glenridge to Rotary - 11.0 km



International Hike (both sides of the Falls) - 14.9KM

International Loop

Merritt Island, 3 hrs, 12.1KM

Railroad Crossing

Merritt Island, railroad crossing

Queenston - Heights to Flat Loop, 11.2 km

Queenston - Heights to Flat

Merritthon - hike from Port Colborne to Port Dalhousie 47KM


Rockway to loop around Shorthills - 11.6km

Rockway to Shorthills - Wiley Rd - 16.5km



Woodend to St Paul Loop, 17.3KM

Woodend to St Paul Loop

Woodend to Firemen's Loop, 14.7KM

Woodend to Firemen's

Woodend to Firemen's, Extended Loop, 15.8KM

Woodend to Firmen's, Extended