Volunteer Awards

Since 1963 volunteers have been the driving force behind the Bruce Trail. Volunteers assume many different roles. Some are responsible for contacting landowners, for marking the route, or for ongoing trail maintenance. Others plan hikes in their communities, promote the trail at events, or simply help as needed in occasional activities. Today, more than 1,500 volunteers support the work of the Bruce Trail Conservancy, serving as caretakers of the Bruce Trail. NBTC is proud to offer three Awards to recognize NBTC is proud to offer three Awards to recognize volunteer contributions.

Nomination Criteria

NBTC Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded annually to a member(s) who has made a significant volunteer contribution to the organization at the club level over many years

NBTC Volunteer of the Year Award

Awarded annually to a member or committee whose volunteerism has gone above and beyond in the year just completed

NBTC Unsung Hero Award

Awarded annually to a member(s) who can always be counted on to lend a hand and volunteer at the club level over many years.  Current board members not eligible.

Eligibility Criteria

  • ✔ Demonstrates exceptional commitment, skills or leadership.
  • ✔ Is a member in good standing of the Bruce Trail Conservancy, Niagara Club.
  • ✔ Has not received remuneration for their time and effort.
  • ✔ Fulfils the role of volunteer with enthusiasm.
  • ✔ Strives to go above and beyond their expected voluntary position or role.
  • ✔ Champions the mission and vision of the Bruce Trail Conservancy.
  • ✔ Has not received this award previously.

Nomination Process

Nominations can be made by any current NBTC member by submitting a nomination letter of 150-250 words outlining why the nominee should be considered for this award to niagarabrucetrailclub@gmail.com by February 28th, each year (Feb 29 each Leap Year). The letter should include information about the effort and contribution of the nominee. Include name, description of skills, commitment and contribution, and explain why this nominee is deserving.  The NBTC board will vote for the recipient.

Award Presentation

The award will be a plaque with NBTC logo, award name, recipient(s) name, and photo to be presented at the Club AGM.

2024 Award Winners


Congratulations Corrie!


2024 Lifetime Achievement Award

I am nominating Corrie Kellestine for the NBTC Lifetime Volunteer award. Corrie has been a major contributor to the success of the Niagara Bruce Trail Club for many years.

She has served in many roles for the club. She recently retired as the Niagara club’s representative on the Bruce Trail Conservancy board. During her time on the board, she was part of the Finance and Risk and Human Resources committees.

Corrie has been an active member of the Niagara Board of Directors since 2013, serving as Vice-President, President, BTC representative and Media Relations Director. She also filled in for a past Treasurer during a prolonged illness. People who have served on the board will also tell you that she was a very effective recruiter for vacant board positions.

In addition to actively volunteering to help out when needed, Corrie is a past hike leader and an active hiker. She is also a Land Steward responsible for one of the Bruce Trail managed  sections of the trail. Corrie was one of the first people to make others aware of the invasive species plants on her section of the trail, which helped lead to the current “pull parties” and biodiversity committee.

These are just a few of the reasons why I am nominating Corrie for the Lifetime Volunteer

Submitted by Janet Davey

2024 NBTC Volunteer of the Year Award

I would like to nominate Diane Marlatt for Volunteer of the Year. Diane has led a great team of volunteers to make our events seamless and providing assistance where needed. She is always ready to help where she can with a smile on her face.

She is an able and steady hike leader and has recently offered slower hikes to make the trail more accessible to all levels of hikers. She has helped on several special projects such as the Mood Walks, Bruce Trail Day and of course acts as Laura Secord.

She helps with the Hiking 101 program introducing new hikers to the joys of the trail.

She continues to manage the Trail Angels program which is the envy of other BT Associations.

Submitted by Faye Perkins

Congratulations Diane!

Congratulations Bill!


2024 NBTC Unsung Hero Award

I am happy to sing the praises of someone I believe should be awarded the Unsung Hero
volunteer award for 2024 – Bill Russell.

Bill has been a longstanding member and supporter of the Niagara Bruce Trail Club. He has led
the Thursday short hikes (in all kinds of weather - rain, freezing rain, icy conditions, snow and hear) for several years and has led the ever-popular Cave Springs witch hike many times. His knowledge of the history of Jordan and the Niagara escarpment quarries and lime kilns is noteworthy and enhances the hiking experience. He delivers to hikers a wealth of information about various plants, including edible plants such as wild leeks, wild ginger and mayapple fruit.

Over the years Bill has donated hundreds of dollars to the Bruce Trail Conservancy by collecting cans and bottles and
donating the refundable deposits.

Bill’s quiet and humble demeanor (even carries an umbrella to ward off the rain) make him a great nominee for the 2024 Unsung Hero volunteer award.

Submitted by Debbie Demizio & Sheila Massey